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Tania Tsiridou
Tania Tsiridou has a degree in Sociology from the University of Cologne, Germany, and a Master’s in Digital Art Forms from the Athens University of Fine Arts, Greece. She has participated and collaborated in multimedia productions, audio-visual programmes, art and research projects. Some of these include: ‘The transition of Athens 2004–2005’ (‘Architecture and Multimedia Art Exhibition’, Athens, 2004), ‘Egnatia road: A path of displaced memories’ (Jeni Tzami, Thessaloniki 2005, multimedia art exhibition), ‘Interactive environment of the new Fort’, Corfu, Greece, 2007 (multimedia art installation), ‘Invisible places – The vast White, Museum of contemporary art, Athens’, 2011 (digital video effects for the project, artist Marianne Strapatsakis) and others. Her research interests include Internet and interaction technologies, in the area of audio-visual arts. Keywords:  data mining,sonification,visualization,interaction,embodiment,

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