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Massimiliano Viel
Massimiliano Viel, Professor at Conservatory ‘C.Monteverdi’ of Bolzano, Italy and Ph.D. candidate at the Planetary Collegium M-Node, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK. Viel is a musician, composer, researcher based in Milano, Italy. His manifold activities as composer, keyboard player and sound designer brought him to realize performances in close contact with theatre, video-art, dance, to collaborate with composers such as L. Berio and K. Stockhausen and with festivals, ensembles and orchestras all over the world. He is member of Otolab (www.otolab.net) and founder of Sincronie (www.sincronie.org). He holds the chair of ‘Composition for music didactics’ at the Conservatory ‘C.Monteverdi’ in Bolzano, Italy. Keywords:  music,object,pattern,intention,expectation,

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