ISSN: 20523998
Online ISSN: 20524005
First published in 2015
3 Issues per volume
Volume 2 Issue 3
Cover Date: September 2016
Metal and Cultural Impact
Page Start: 259
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‘Power has a penis’: Cost reduction, social exchange and sexism in metal – reviewing the work of Sonia Vasan
Authors:  Rosemary Lucy Hill 
Page Start: 263
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Methodological strategies and challenges in research with small heavy metal scenes: A reflection on entrance, evolution and permanence
Page Start: 273
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‘Record store guy’s head explodes and the critic is speechless!’ Questions of genre in drone metal
Authors:  Owen Coggins 
Page Start: 291
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Swahili-tongued devils: Kenya’s heavy metal at the crossroads of identity
Authors:  Edward Banchs 
Page Start: 311
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Five djentlemen and a girl walk into a metal bar: Thoughts on a ‘metal after metal’ metal studies
Authors:  Kevin Fellezs 
Page Start: 325
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Community at the extremes: The death metal underground as being-in-common
Authors:  Nathan Snaza And  Jason Netherton 
Page Start: 341
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Metal militia behind the Iron Curtain: Scene formation in 1980s East Germany
Authors:  Wolf-Georg Zaddach 
Page Start: 357
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Let there be rock: ‘Western’ heavy metal in Soviet press and public opinion during the Soviet Union’s final decade
Authors:  Boris Von Faust 
Page Start: 377
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(Mis)representation of Burmese metal music in the western media
Authors:  Heather Maclachlan 
Page Start: 395
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Authenticity, artifice, ideology: Heavy metal video and MTV’s ‘Second Launch’, 1983–1985
Authors:  John Mccombe 
Page Start: 405
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