ISSN: 20404182
Online ISSN: 20404190
First published in 2010
3 Issues per volume
Volume 8 Issue 3
Cover Date: November 2017
Authors:  Duygu Karatas And  Mark Wheeler 
Page Start: 303
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The bully chamber: Creation of funhouse selves from distorted media
Authors:  Jeff Shires And  Nel Orgel 
Page Start: 309
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Narratives of change and citizen participation in modern political campaigning: The origins of the Trump movement
Authors:  Sergey Medvedev 
Page Start: 321
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The structure of political e-expression: What the Brexit campaign can teach us about political talk on Facebook
Authors:  Darren G. Lilleker And  Duje Bonacci 
Page Start: 335
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Comparing the public sphere in social networking services during a period of political upheaval: The three news channels’ Facebook accounts in the 2016 South Korean Presidential scandal
Authors:  Dong Hyun Song And  Chang Yong Son 
Page Start: 351
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The myth of an egalitarian Internet: Occupy Wall Street and the mediatization of social movements
Authors:  Michael S. Daubs 
Page Start: 367
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Online political trolling in the context of post-Gezi social media in Turkey
Authors:  Duygu Karatas And  Erkan Saka 
Page Start: 383
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Online radicalization and social media: A case study of Daesh
Authors:  Jamileh Kadivar 
Page Start: 403
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Book Review
Authors:  Ralf De Wolf 
Page Start: 423
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