ISSN: 17526299
Online ISSN: 17526302
First published in 2008
3 Issues per volume
Volume 11 Issue 1
Cover Date: February 2018
Authors:  Lee Higgins 
Page Start: 3
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Listen to a Songbird sing: Musicians, creativity and the paediatric hospital setting
Authors:  Ros Hawley 
Page Start: 7
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Singing and spirituality in a South African male voice group
Authors:  Dawn Joseph And  Roy Page-Shipp And  Caroline van Niekerk 
Page Start: 21
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24 Hours in a Revolution: Participatory music in the Umbrella Movement
Authors:  Samson Kei Shun Wong 
Page Start: 39
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Transformations and cultural change in Scottish music education: Historical perspectives and contemporary solutions
Authors:  Mark Sheridan And  Charles Byrne 
Page Start: 55
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Thumbs Up: The effective use of music in health and well-being education for Australian Aboriginal youth in remote communities
Authors:  Brendan Anthony And  Donna Weston And  Samuel Vallen 
Page Start: 71
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Community music on campus: Collaborative research, activist methods and critical pedagogy in a fandango-based participatory music programme
Authors:  James Daria 
Page Start: 91
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Lithuanian folk ensembles as bonding social capital: Perspectives on participatory music-making in Vilnius
Authors:  Sarah J. Bartolome 
Page Start: 109
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