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Call for Papers

All articles submitted should be original work and must not be under consideration by other publications.

Contributors are asked to follow JGVW's Notes for Contributors 

The Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds (JGVW) is a peer-refereed, international journal that focuses on theoretical and applied, empirical, critical, rhetorical, creative, economic, pedagogical and professional approaches to the study of electronic games across platforms and genres, as well as ludic and serious online environments such as massively multiplayer online role-playing games and Second Life™.

JGVW aims at researchers and professionals working in and researching creative new media and entertainment software around the globe, and seeks to document, harmonize, juxtapose and critically evaluate cutting-edge market trends and technological developments, as well as sociocultural, political, economic and psychological concerns. It informs its readers about recent events such as conferences, and features long articles, short papers, poster abstracts, interviews, reports and reviews of relevant new
publications, websites, virtual environments and electronic

Prospective guest editors are invited to approach the Associate Editors with a proposal for a themed issue or series. Prospective book reviewers and publishers should approach the Reviews Editor directly.

Contributions are invited from all fields of game studies research, design and development. We seek to provide a platform for vivid information interchange between academia and industry, between scholarship and professionalism, between theory, criticism and practice. Typical subject areas include:

  • Theory and criticism: e.g. narratology, ludology, philosophy, gender, race, identity, history (of and in games), rhetorical approaches, discourse analysis and semiotics, genre criticism and cultural studies.
  • Social, psychological and educational concerns: e.g. (online) communities, participation, interaction, identity formation, networks, violence and addiction, emotion, children’s social behaviour, cognitive effects, e-learning and education.
  • Design issues: e.g. developments in 3D modelling, authenticity and realism, mimesis, screenwriting, sound effects, composition, static vs. moving image, cut scenes, background vs. foreground, multimodality, simulation and game engines.
  • Reception and production: e.g. ethnography, customer research, therapeutic and hazardous effects, serialisation, adaptation, franchising, commercial vs. serious games, transmediation, intermediality, artificial intelligence, and new literacy studies.

Submissions to JGVW should be sent as an attachment to an e-mail message to the Editor. The attached article should be 'anonymized', and contain an abstract and up to six keywords. You should delete the 'file properties' or 'summary info' of your document (see file menu) that reveal your name and institution. Be sure to add your full name and address in the e-mail message to the Editor. Submissions are welcome at any time, but deadlines for forthcoming issues are normally as follows:

  • Issue 1 (spring): 31 August for long papers; 15 September for short papers
  • Issue 2 (summer): 31 December for long papers; 15 January
  • Issue 3 (winter): 30 April for long papers; 15 May for short papers

The Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds publishes general and themed issues. Themes for future issues are announced in the journal.

Journal contributors will receive a free PDF copy of their final work upon publication. Print copies of the journal may also be purchased by contributors at half price.




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