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Aims and Scope
Hospitality & Society is an international multidisciplinary social sciences journal focusing on academic perspectives on hospitality (however broadly conceived and applied), and exploring hospitality’s connections with wider social and cultural processes and structures. Hospitality & Society aims for a balance of theory and application, however it is ultimately concerned with developing theoretical perspectives and insights related to hospitality. The journal welcomes submissions from various disciplines and aims to be an interactive forum expanding frontiers of knowledge and contributing to the literature on hospitality social science.

At present, the study of hospitality is conducted largely within distinct and separate academic subjects and disciplines, such as anthropology, cultural and media studies, French studies, gender studies, geography, hospitality management and hospitality studies, leisure, philosophy, social history, sociology and tourism. Current explorations of hospitality range from deepening understanding of its construction and production, to employing hospitality as a metaphor to analyse social behaviours and to understand hospitality as a business and cultural phenomenon. Particular geo-political regions further shape its study, and in each of these regions different origins, intellectual emphases, and geo-political perspectives take precedence. The study of hospitality is therefore fragmented, composed of distinctive communities of hospitality scholars with their own institutional forms (subject associations, conferences and journals). Interactions between these communities are infrequent and ad hoc. This new international journal aims to provide a unique ‘meeting point’ for these communities of scholars, using hospitality as a lens of analysis and/or focus of investigation.

The social significance of hospitality has long attracted the attention of discipline-based scholars, notably in anthropology, history, philosophy and sociology. The increasing social importance of hospitality, as reflected in the growth of the service sector as a vehicle and expression of economic growth and development, contributes to the enduring nature of hospitality as a topic of study and as a means of exploring aspects of society. Hospitality Studies has benefited from the contributions of discipline-based social scientists, who have challenged the ‘bounding’ of the subject and exposed the contested nature of hospitality as a social phenomenon.

Call for Papers
Hospitality & Society will address all aspects of hospitality and explore its connections with wider social and cultural processes and structures. The aim of the journal is to advance the study and understanding of hospitality. The contextual scope for the journal is considerable, and will address hospitality from the macro to the micro level. Although it is anticipated that the majority of contributors will be drawn from hospitality, tourism, cultural geography, social history and sociology, the journal will serve as a multidisciplinary forum encouraging interdisciplinary approaches, with contributors coming from a wide variety of disciplinary bases, including anthropology, architecture, cultural studies, gender studies, history, hospitality, literature, linguistics, management, marketing, media studies, organizational studies, philosophy, sociology, technology studies, and theology. The journal aims to be international in scope and inclusive in its coverage.

The journal will publish empirical and conceptual research, state-of-the-art reviews, discussion papers and shorter research notes. The journal will aspire to high standards of scholarship and aim for articles written in a style accessible to a multidisciplinary audience. The intended audience is that of scholars and researchers with an interest in the phenomenon of hospitality, whether in itself or as a means to deepen understanding of society. Articles should be 5-8000 words long but can be longer in exceptional cases.

Article submissions in English are required, although this policy may be reviewed once the journal is fully established.

Please contact the editors for submission guidelines. Email:

All articles submitted should be original work and must not be under consideration by other publications.

Journal contributors will receive a free PDF copy of their final work upon publication. Print copies of the journal may also be purchased by contributors at half price.

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