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Call for Papers

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All articles submitted should be original work and must not be under consideration by other publications.

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Call for Papers
Guest Editors: Sheri Klein and Kathy Marzilli Miraglia
 1 August 2018

Aims and Scope

In the last decade, there has been a wide spectrum of research within and across the fields of studio art, art education and teacher education focused on professional identity. This research has focused on the understanding and reconciliation of dual, multiple, and often conflicting and overlapping identities, such as, the artist-scholar, the artist-teacher, the teaching artist and the artist-teacher-researcher.

This special issue will focus on professional identities and the wide range of intersecting factors that influence professional identity. The journal seeks articles and essays that address one or more of the following themes and issues:

• How professionals navigate dual, overlapping, and multiple identities and resist or conform to expectations within the context of institutional norms and expectations.

• How professionals navigate change by re-framing their professional identities in times of uncertainty and transition.

• How personal factors such as, ethnicity, religion, gender, social class, and/or other factors inform professional identity/identities.

• How professionals address stereotyping relative to their professional identities.

• How communities of practice and work environments shape individual and group professional identities.

• How mentorship and other induction processes inform professional identity/identities and growth.

• The challenges of sustaining dual or multiple professional identities over time and through various stages of a career (induction, mid-career end of career, and retirement).

• How and why professionals catalogue and ‘curate’ visual narratives about their professional identities using technology, for example, through portfolios, websites, and social media (i.e. Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube videos, etc.) and how these representations serve as a professional online visual identity.

• How professionals use visual inquiry, including artistic methods and media, to reflect on, examine, construct, deconstruct and re-position their professional identities.

Submissions should be original work and must not be under consideration by other publications. All submissions will be blind peer reviewed.

Full articles:
- cover page with title, name of author, affiliation
- abstract of 150 words,
- 6-8 keywords
- paginated manuscript 3,000 to 5,000 words long
- author bio (80 words) and contact information
- full references list

- between 1,000 and 2,000 words
- may be narrative
- abstract of 150 words
- 6-8 keywords
- may include 2-3 black and white images
- author bio (80 words) and contact information

Photo Essay:
- visual essay
- 3-5 B & W photos with captions
- 150-word abstract
- 6-8 keywords
- author bio (80 words) and contact information

Formatting: For articles please use Intellect House Style, which is based on Harvard referencing system. Should you need additional information please contact the editors for a manual.

Please send manuscripts to editors as Word documents. Images for review and publication should be of high quality (300 dpi). All images included for publication will require signed consent and release.

Email submissions (and all correspondence) to both editors by 1 August 2018:
Sheri Klein:
Kathy Marzilli Miraglia:


Call for Papers
The mission of Visual Inquiry: Learning & Teaching Art is to provide a forum for engaging the complex, rich and multifaceted process of learning and teaching art. The journal highlights the process of creating art, teaching as an art form, engaging art submissions, scholarship in teaching artistry, and the rich traditions of art making and teaching. The call for papers is open to anyone concerned with issues related to learning and teaching art. VI is rigorously peer-reviewed and is published three times a year. 

The journal seeks a serious yet experimental approach to publication that values the myriad of visual art processes in contemporary culture. Readable to the outsider yet encouraging and challenging to the experienced artist-teacher, the journal fills a niche in art and art education with a breadth and enthusiasm missing in contemporary art and art education journals.

The journal seeks articles, reflections on artwork, interviews, original artwork and book/exhibition reviews that address one or more of the following themes:

*Art appreciation
*Learning and teaching in museums
*Teaching artistry
*The role of creativity in learning and teaching
*History of art education
*Art-based research
*Teaching art in primary school to higher education and beyond
*The relationship between art making and teaching
*Art addressing teaching and learning
*Philosophy of teaching and learning art
*Aesthetic education
*Design education
*Learning from art
*The voice of artist-teachers
*Teaching art outside school walls
*Analysis of teaching and learning art experiences

Contribution Details:
Full articles should be between 3,000 to 5,000 words long. Interviews, reflections on art works and engaging art submissions are expected to be between 1,000 and 3,000 words and do not have to be extensively referenced. Reviews of exhibitions, books, and conferences are to be up to 1,000 words and should include a brief description of the event/text. All submissions will be blind refereed.

Submissions should be sent via email in Word format and include an author biography (including affiliation/position/not to exceed 80 words), an abstract (concentrating on the significant findings/not to exceed 150 words) and contact information (email/mailing address). Correspondence should be directed to the editor, G. James Daichendt at

Journal contributors will receive a free PDF copy of their final work upon publication. Print copies of the journal may also be purchased by contributors at half price.

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