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Ubiquity is an international peer reviewed journal for creative and transdisciplinary practitioners interested in technologies, practices and behaviours that have the potential to radically transform human perspectives on the world. ‘Ubiquity’, the ability to be everywhere at the same time, a potential historically attributed to the occult is now a common feature of the average mobile phone. The title refers explicitly to the advent of ubiquitous computing that has been hastened through the consumption of networked digital devices. The journal anticipates the consequences for design and research in a culture where everyone and everything is connected, and will offer a context for visual artists, designers, scientists and writers to consider how Ubiquity is transforming our relationship with the world.
In embracing these aspirations Ubiquity recognises the transgressions and trauma that are implicit in the inevitable cultural shifts that follow. As well as providing opportunities for enriching human experience such technologies and entangled practices bring with them neurosis and paranoia. The Journal aims to create new dialogues between different disciplines that are using new technologies within a social/cultural context. Ubiquity will not only focus on creative disciplines but will provoke a critical engagement with science, computing and socio/economic studies emphasising the impact that design and technology has on everyone’s lives.
Seeking new methodologies for interfacing with the world, a series of practical and theoretical design processes are beginning to emerge from a wide variety of industrial, academic, scientific and creative contexts. These new methodologies are collapsing previous distinctions between science and art, and are constructing new inter-disciplinary vocabularies for understanding a social, environmental and technical sense of ‘place’ that was previously understood through the limited and discrete parameters of time and space.
Ubiquity focuses on contemporary practices that engage with these technologies and behaviours within the creative arts (design, architecture and art) but more importantly explores the impact these technologies are having on synergies between disciplines and the broader cultural context. The journal seeks to establish critical and creative frameworks and methodologies that effectively articulate and nurture innovation in this field.
Ubiquity adopts a networked publishing strategy that is underpinned by creative practice and the reflexive application of these technologies through workshops, collaborations, commissions, seminars, field work, documenta, conversations, interviews, media archaeology and data streams. Built around heavily illustrated articles, Ubiquity adopts a pragmatic and open approach to the dissemination of practice within this emergent field. Ubiquity offers a context for experimentation through interdisciplinary collaboration and access to ‘instruments’ that encourage a reflexive reinterpretation of disciplinary practices. The journal will be supplemented by a dynamic website incorporating a blog and RSS feed, with regular pod casts on interviews, discussions, and online extensions of published projects/papers. These utilities will also tap into social networking sites that support existing academic and practitioner networks.

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