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Call for Papers

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Call for Papers for Special Issue: Lifestyle, Health & Fashion Branding

Call for Papers for Special Issue: New Russian Masculinities

All articles submitted should be original work and must not be under consideration by other publications.

Contributions are welcome from any discipline, including but not limited to fashion studies, anthropology, art, art history, business, consumer studies, cultural studies, economics, gender studies, humanities, literature, marketing, psychology, queer studies, religion, sociology, and textiles. Diverse viewpoints and methods are encouraged.

The journal will accept articles that are theoretical or empirical, from any discipline or theoretical foundation. This is done in order to gain a broad understanding of men and fashion and provide a platform that is diverse and accepting of disparate viewpoints. In addition, the journal will also accept media reviews.

• Accessories
• Advertising imagery and appeals
• Androgyny
• Body image
• Branding
• Case studies of designers or leaders in the field of men’s fashion
• Changes in menswear due to immigration
• Children and adolescents
• Cosmetics and grooming practices
• Cultural aesthetics of masculinity
• Cross dressing (men in women’s clothing, women in men’s clothing)
• Economics of the menswear industry
• Education
• Ethics
• Fantasy and costuming/dressing up
• Fragrance
• Generational differences/age effects on fashion
• Identity
• History of men’s fashion
• Influence of television and film
• Legal aspects of the menswear industry
• Luxury goods
• Marketing strategies
• Modelling in the menswear industry
• Modernism/Postmodernism/Post Postmodernism
• Promotion in menswear industry
• Religious doctrine on men’s appearance
• Textiles and their use in menswear
• Semiotics
• Sexuality and sexual behaviour as related to appearance

Articles will be selected on their content, scholarship, and technical quality. The content must be in line with the journals vision of advancing scholarship on men and appearance.

Journal contributors will receive a free PDF copy of their final work upon publication. Print copies of the journal may also be purchased by contributors at half price.


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