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First published in 2014
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Volume 5 / Issue 2-3: Chinese Art outside the Art Space Free Issue 
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Principal Editor
JIANG Jiehong
Birmingham City University

Founding Editor
UNSW Sydney

The Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art (JCCA) is a scholarly forum for the presentation of new research into and critical debate on or concerned with the subject of contemporary Chinese art.  

The term ‘contemporary Chinese art’ is now used widely in Anglophone contexts to denote various forms of ‘avant-garde’, experimental and museum-based visual art produced as part of the liberalization of culture that has taken place within mainland China since the confirmation of Deng Xiaoping’s programme of economic and social reforms in December 1978. The comparable term in mainland China and other mandarin Chinese speaking contexts is Zhongguo dangdai yishu, which can be translated literally into English as ‘Chinese contemporary art’.  

While the JCCA addresses contemporary art produced by artists from mainland China since the late 1970s as a significant focus for research and critical debate, it also seeks to engage critically with the relationship between contemporary art and Chinese cultural identity against the background of present-day globalization and trans-nationalism. The journal therefore not only welcomes contributions that address contemporary art produced in mainland China as well as Hong Kong-Macau and Taiwan, but also in relation to diasporic and trans-national Chinese cultural communities world-wide. The journal also welcomes contributions that address the relationship between Chinese cultural thought and practice and contemporary art of non-Chinese origin.  

Contemporary Chinese art, in all its differently located forms, is invariably characterized by a combination of images, attitudes and techniques appropriated from Western(ized) modernist and international postmodernist art with aspects of localized Chinese cultural thought and practice. It can therefore be understood to act as a locus for the translation of Westernized/international cultural thought and practice in relation to Chinese cultural contexts as well as Chinese cultural thought and practice in relation to international settings. This complex, multi-directional field of cultural translations comprises strongly contrasting visions of the significance of contemporary Chinese art. The JCCA seeks to uphold open and respectful critical debate by welcoming intellectually rigorous contributions extending across the widest possible interpretative spectrum.  

The JCCA is conceived as a platform for the publication of high-quality writing in accordance with the established conventions of academic discourse. However, it does not limit itself solely to contributions from academic researchers. It is recognized that others working outside the Academy, including artists, curators and critics, have important insights into the nature and significance of contemporary Chinese art. Consequently, contributions to the JCCA from cultural practitioners and professionals working outside the Academy are strongly welcomed. There is also an understanding that while the JCCA seeks to uphold the highest academic standards in terms of editorial and peer-review, it should be open to innovative forms of presentation in support of differing interpretative perspectives. The JCCA’s engagement with cultural institutions and cultural practitioners outside the Academy is intended not only as a means of supporting knowledge exchange but also the development of collaborative relationships between academics, artists and curators.


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"The journal is excellent… a critical attitude toward writings on contemporary Chinese art is badly needed.", Prof. Jason Kuo, University of Maryland

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