JAWS: Journal of Arts Writing by Students
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First published in 2015
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Robert Gadie
CCW Graduate School
Ruth Solomons
Birkbeck, University of London

Yaron Shyldkrot
University of Surrey

Babette Radclyffe-Thomas
London College of Fashion
JAWS: Journal of Arts Writing by Students is a compilation of the best arts research and writing by current postgraduate (and occasionally undergraduate) and first year graduates. Capturing the contemporary themes and trends in arts research today, JAWS is peer-reviewed and edited by students, for students; promoting the autodidactic attitude and inherent curiosity that is required for post graduate, career or personal research development with or without practice.
The journal invites submissions from across all disciplines of art and design with a continuing enquiry into the relationship between writing and image, particularly in practice-led or -based research. The content reflects the journal's role as a pocket studio or project space, demonstrating the diversity that comes from research in an art school environment in a manner befitting the transparency required of complex thought. The content encompasses essays constructed from students' ongoing research journals and blogs, reflective writing on art theory and methodologies and critical considered reviews of exhibitions, art books and performance art.
The journal also provides profiles of MA and MRes arts courses and other such resources for students, including considered opinion pieces on the postgraduate student experience and role of research within arts education as whole.  By providing a space for this discussion, JAWS aims to bring together arts students from many institutions to create a research network, allowing students an insight into not only some of the strongest early postgraduate work but inspiring confidence and creating a discourse from seeing different methodologies in action.  
JAWS invites submissions along no set topic, preferring to curate each issue from the themes based on submissions. It seeks current arts writing, critical reviews and research from students and first year graduates globally. 
For previous issues of JAWS online, see here.


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