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Call for Papers
All articles submitted should be original work and must not be under consideration by other publications.

Drawing: Research, Theory and Practice: Issue 4.1

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Call for papers

Drawing Pattern and Chaos
Deadline: 12 September 2018

Issue 4.1. of DRTP calls for submissions that stem from drawing practices related to the notions of pattern and chaos across the widest range of disciplines: fine art, design, architecture, craft; science, technology, engineering; media and communication. Although pattern and chaos might be posited as dichotomies, the intersection between pattern and chaos is of particular interest especially when associated to forms of drawing in different fields of practice.

We welcome submissions that relate drawing to the following areas:

• Geometry, the molecular, systems, networks, diagrams, structures, mapping, constellations, cosmos, geomorphology, algorithms, biomorphism.

• Pattern as a blueprint that is open to disruption, re-wiring, de-railing. The glitch, the virus.

• Repetitive and/or random behaviours. These might include hand-eye interaction; embodied knowledge; play; performance; cultural and societal practices.

• Modes and methods of drawing: machine-generated, automated, system-based, performative.

• Any other aspect of drawing that has theoretical, philosophical, psychological or historical implications for pattern and chaos.

Submissions can take the form of:

• Articles (5000 words, 1–6 images)

• Research Projects (3000 words, 1–4 images)

• Critical essays (3000 words, 1–4 images) or Short essays (1500 – 2000 words. 1-4 images)

• Profiles (1500 words, 1–2 images)

• Featured Drawings (1–2 image and 1000 words)

Deadline: 12 September 2018


To submit for double-blind peer review, please e-mail: 
Dr Sarah Horton, guest editor:
Dr Adriana Ionascu, principal editor:


General call for papers other than the current topic is on-going, please submit at any time to


Please submit a PDF Document with embedded images (72 dpi), captioned, as Name_Surname.doc. On acceptance, a Word Document with separate images (300dpi) will be required via

All contributions should be original and not exceed 20 Mb.
All contributors should submit the Metadata (see Notes for Contributors)
Authors are responsible for copyright permissions (article [author] and images [artist or institutional copyright / photographer's permission]). Only copyright forms supplied by Intellect are accepted (hand-signed, scanned and returned as PDF files).

Please refer to the DRTP Notes for Contributors and to the Intellect House Guidelines for Style. Authors should ensure guidelines are adhered to; failing to do so leads to delays, and may result in the editor having to return or withdraw the submission.

All enquiries should be addressed to the principal editor.


Dr Adriana Ionascu, Ulster University, School of Art



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