ISSN: 17571871
Online ISSN: 1757188X  
First published in 2009
2 Issues per volume
Volume 1 Issue 1
Cover Date: June 2009
Price: £18
Authors:  Sarah Whatley And  Kirsty Alexander 
Page Start: 3
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A brief history of somatic practices and dance: historical development of the field of somatic education and its relationship to dance
Authors:  Martha Eddy 
Page Start: 5
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Formative support and connection: somatic movement dance education in community and client practice
Authors:  Amanda Williamson 
Page Start: 29
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The experience of discourses in dance and somatics
Authors:  Sylvie Fortin And  Adriane Vieira And  Martyne Tremblay 
Page Start: 47
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Enskinning between extended voice and movement: somatics, touch, contact and the camera
Authors:  Yvon Bonenfant 
Page Start: 65
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The potent persuasive pleasurable unappeasable plié
Authors:  Jennifer De Leon  
Page Start: 89
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Breaking old habits: professional development through an embodied approach to reflective practice
Authors:  Elizabeth Smears  
Page Start: 99
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Keeping Your Wits
Authors:  Suna Imre 
Page Start: 111
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Anna Halprin and the Sea Ranch Collective, an embodied engagement with place
Authors:  Helen Poynor 
Page Start: 121
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Reflections on Evoking the wisdom of body and imagination Anna Halprin Summer Programs; San Francisco, 23rd June – 17th July, 2008 (funded by a Lisa Ullman Travel Scholarship)
Authors:  Cecilia Macfarlane 
Page Start: 133
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