ISSN: 17408296
Online ISSN: 20400918
First published in 2005
3 Issues per volume
Volume 6 Issue 2
Cover Date: September 2010
Price: £12
The introduction of an ex ante evaluation for new media services: Is Europe asking for it, or does public service broadcasting need it?
Authors:  Caroline Pauwels 
Page Start: 133
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When PSB is delivered by the hand of God: The case of Roman Catholic broadcast networks in Venezuela
Page Start: 149
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Discourses of the War on Terror: Constructions of the Islamic other after 7/7
Authors:  Mark Featherstone And  Elizabeth Poole 
Page Start: 169
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Neo-conned: The Murdoch press and the Iraq War
Authors:  Mitchell Hobbs 
Page Start: 187
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Framing international conflicts:Media coverage of fighting in the Middle East
Authors:  Matt Evans 
Page Start: 209
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Current policy developments in European media literacy
Authors:  Brian O'Neill 
Page Start: 235
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Foreign policy and themedia in Greece: Marking a shift from confrontational to peace journalism
Page Start: 243
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Authors:  Cinzia Padovani And  Peter Cole And  Bruce Hanlin And  Nadia Kaneva And  Patrick O Malaolu 
Page Start: 251
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