ISSN: 1757191X
Online ISSN: 17571928
First published in 2009
3 Issues per volume
Volume 3 Issue 2
Cover Date: July 2011
Price: £12
Why the spatial epistemology of the video game matters: Metis, video game space and interdisciplinary theory
Authors:  Benjamin Fraser 
Page Start: 93
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Digital dramaturgy of cruelty: Antoine Artaud: Ludology and the plague metaphor in contemporary video games and new media
Authors:  Michail Kouratoras 
Page Start: 107
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Doing gender versus playing gender in online worlds: Masculinity and femininity in Second Life and Guild Wars
Authors:  Celia Pearce And  Kate Rosier 
Page Start: 125
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Designing game representations: How game interfaces constrain and promote collaborative play
Authors:  Matthew Sharritt 
Page Start: 145
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Authors:  Mark Mullen 
Page Start: 159
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ECREA – Third European Communication Conference, University of Hamburg campus, Hamburg, Germany, 12–15 October 2010
Authors:  Daniel Schultheiss 
Page Start: 167
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