ISSN: 17535190
Online ISSN: 17535204
First published in 2008
3 Issues per volume
Volume 5 Issue 2
Cover Date: November 2012
Price: £12
Writing GOLD: A celebration of writing at Goldsmiths
Authors:  Marl’ene Edwin 
Page Start: 175
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Fragmented temp(oralities): A Caribbean perspective of time in literature and art
Authors:  Marl’ene Edwin And  Natasha Bonnelame 
Page Start: 189
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How to write the perfect beginning and end
Authors:  Naomi Folb And  Aby Watson 
Page Start: 205
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Learning from the past to challenge the contemporary context of design: A collaborative enquiry investigating the effect of time on the design process
Authors:  Svenja Bickert And  Edward Johansson 
Page Start: 223
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Contours and shadows of selfreflection: Creating a ‘Narrative Hologram’
Authors:  Lucia Kubalova And  Denis O’Brien And  Tiffany Page 
Page Start: 239
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The art of letters: An epic journey of intimate thought and exchange
Authors:  Alice Corble And  Emma Dabiri And  Katalin Halasz And  Seraphima Kennedy And  Claire Reddleman 
Page Start: 251
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No one expects the design inquisition: Searching for a metaphorical solution for thinking, researching and writing through design
Authors:  Julia Lockheart And  Maziar Raein 
Page Start: 275
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Making the workshop work: A dialogue between Alke Gröppel-Wegener and Pat Francis
Authors:  Alke Gröppel-Wegener And  Pat Francis 
Page Start: 291
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From Wish You Were Here? to GAMSWEN and onto Designed Dissertations: Connecting the design studio with writing in design
Authors:  Mark Ingham 
Page Start: 301
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Practice Ph.D.s, regulation and the elusive Type C
Authors:  Rebekka Kill 
Page Start: 319
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Authors:  Joan Turner 
Page Start: 325
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