ISSN: 1757191X
Online ISSN: 17571928
First published in 2009
3 Issues per volume
Volume 5 Issue 1
Cover Date: March 2013
Price: £12
Playing queer: Affordances for sexuality in Fable and Dragon Age
Authors:  Stephen Greer 
Page Start: 3
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Mastering the puppets: Criteria for pulling the strings in an Alternate Reality Game
Authors:  Ronan Lynch And  Bride Mallon And  Kieran Nolan 
Page Start: 23
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Mechanisms of three-dimensional content transfer between the OpenSimulator and the Second Life Grid® platforms
Authors:  Luis Sequeira And  Leonel Morgado 
Page Start: 41
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Infectious pleasures: Ethnographic perspectives on the production and use of illicit videogame modifications on the Call of Duty franchise
Authors:  Alan F. Meades 
Page Start: 59
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‘If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun’: A study on the rules of guilds and clans in online games
Authors:  Magnus Johansson 
Page Start: 77
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Book Review
Authors:  Thomas H. Rousse 
Page Start: 97
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Machinima Reviews
Authors:  Phylis Johnson And  Ricky Grove 
Page Start: 103
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