ISSN: 20404344
Online ISSN: 20404352
First published in 2010
2 Issues per volume
Volume 5 Issue 1
Cover Date: March 2014
OPEN ACCESS: On digital crossings in Europe
Authors:  Sandra Ponzanesi And  Koen Leurs 
Page Start: 3
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Traces of dispersion: Online media and diasporic identities
Authors:  Dana Diminescu And  Benjamin Loveluck 
Page Start: 23
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No apologies for cross-posting: European trans-media space and the digital circuitries of racism
Authors:  Gavan Titley 
Page Start: 41
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The migration industry of connectivity services: A critical discourse approach to the Spanish case in a European perspective
Authors:  Cecilia Gordano Peile 
Page Start: 57
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Forced migrants, emotive practice and digital heterotopia
Authors:  Saskia Witteborn 
Page Start: 73
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The politics of transnational affective capital: Digital connectivity among young Somalis stranded in Ethiopia
Authors:  Koen Leurs 
Page Start: 87
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Young African Norwegian women and diaspora: Negotiating identity and community through digital social networks
Authors:  Henry Mainsah 
Page Start: 105
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Privileged Mexican migrants in Europe: Distinctions and cosmopolitanism on social networking sites
Authors:  Lorena Nessi And  Olga Guedes Bailey 
Page Start: 121
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Ethnicity in digital crossroads. Understanding processes of cultural thickening in a mediatized world
Authors:  Cigdem Bozdag 
Page Start: 139
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Modes of self-representation: Visualized identities of former Yugoslav migrant women in the Netherlands
Authors:  Jasmijn Van Gorp 
Page Start: 153
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Diasporas and new media: Connections, identities, politics and affect
Authors:  Eugenia Siapera 
Page Start: 173
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Book Review
Authors:  Eunike Piwoni 
Page Start: 179
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