ISSN: 2042793X
Online ISSN: 20427948
First published in 2011
2 Issues per volume
Volume 2 Issue 1-3
Cover Date: December 2012 (2014)
Public art and accountability: Whose art for whose city?
Authors:  Martin Zebracki And  Joni M Palmer 
Page Start: 3
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Charting public art – a quantitative and qualitative approach to understanding sustainable social influences of art in the public realm
Authors:  Cameron Cartiere 
Page Start: 9
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Art-led regeneration in Margate: Learning from Moonbow Jakes Café and Lido Nightclub intervention
Authors:  Loretta Lees And  John McKiernan 
Page Start: 17
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Owning the city: Civic art’s historical practice and contemporary meaning in Yangon
Authors:  Ian Morley 
Page Start: 37
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Off with her head: The representation of women in public sculpture
Authors:  Brigit Morris 
Page Start: 49
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Can art turn two publics (and) spaces into one? Joubert Park versus the Johannesburg Art Gallery in the inner City of Johannesburg
Authors:  Pauline Guinard 
Page Start: 57
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The consumption of communism: Changing representations of Statue Park Museum and Budapest
Authors:  Paul Clements 
Page Start: 73
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Planning a suburban public artscape: The case of Mississauga, Canada
Authors:  Alison Bain And  Zainub Verjee 
Page Start: 87
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The Future of Toronto’s Nuit blanche
Authors:  Gwen MacGregor 
Page Start: 103
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Just art, politics and publics: Researching geographies of public art and accountability
Authors:  Martin Zebracki 
Page Start: 117
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Authors:  Fiona Allen And  Benjamin Fallon And  Mark Hutchinson And  Gretchen Coombs 
Page Start: 129
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