ISSN: 1364971X
Online ISSN: 17589150
First published in 1988
3 Issues per volume
Volume 27 Issue 2-3
Cover Date: September 2014
Page Start: 75
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Television fiction and memory practices in Portugal and Spain (2000–2012): Some comparative reflections
Page Start: 85
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Nostalgia and/as loose causality in Belle Époque and La lengua de las mariposas
Page Start: 105
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We the people shall inherit the past: The re-imagining of the self within post-Francoist collective memory in the Spanish television series Cuéntame cómo pasó
Authors:  Diana Rey 
Page Start: 121
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‘Maybe your story is not different from mine’: Memory, history and progress in the Galician series Libro de familia
Authors:  Marta Pérez Pereiro 
Page Start: 137
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Postmemory and photography in the Catalan miniseries Tornarem (2011)
Authors:  Esther Gimeno Ugalde 
Page Start: 149
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Media configurations of the First Portuguese Republic and the Second Spanish Republic in the early twenty-first century
Authors:  Teresa Pinheiro 
Page Start: 167
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Archival images and audiovisual testimony – Negotiating the end of empire in the documentary films Guerra Colonial. Histórias de Campanha em Moçambique (1998) and Natal 71 (1999)
Authors:  Robert Stock 
Page Start: 183
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The Women’s Socialist Group of Madrid (1906–1927): (Re)defining citizenship for Spanish women
Authors:  Marta del Moral Vargas 
Page Start: 203
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Accounting for the turn towards secession in Catalonia
Authors:  Andrew Dowling 
Page Start: 219
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Authors:  Margarida Rendeiro And  Austin Miller 
Page Start: 235
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