ISSN: 17571871
Online ISSN: 1757188X  
First published in 2009
2 Issues per volume
Volume 7 Issue 1
Cover Date: June 2015
Authors:  Emma Meehan And  Hetty Blades And  Rebecca Stancliffe 
Page Start: 3
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Moving in, out, through, and beyond the tensions between experience and social construction in somatic theory
Authors:  Jill Green 
Page Start: 7
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Somatic education and embodied discourses: Using the Feldenkrais Method to challenge dominant discourses in the sexually abused body context
Authors:  Lucie Beaudry 
Page Start: 21
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The presence of absences: Unconscious performances and muscle memories in Pilates
Authors:  Sarah W. Holmes 
Page Start: 31
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Reflections on somatic learning processes in higher education: Student experiences and teacher interpretations of Experiential Anatomy into Contemporary Dance
Authors:  Laura Glaser 
Page Start: 43
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Sensing possibility: Anatomy, sensation and dancing
Authors:  Nicole Jenvey 
Page Start: 63
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Soma in the City: How does listening and responding to a ‘somatic podcast’ affect one’s relationship to urban space?
Authors:  Korina Biggs 
Page Start: 75
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The touch of sound: Dalcroze Eurhythmics as a somatic practice
Authors:  Karin Greenhead And  John Habron 
Page Start: 93
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Contact improvisation as an art of relating: The importance of touch for building positive interaction
Authors:  Anna Jussilainen 
Page Start: 113
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Movement in the Men’s Movement: Contact improvisation and social change
Authors:  Jess Curtis 
Page Start: 129
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Light-Dark-Light-Heavy: Reflections on an art–dance collaboration
Authors:  Chris Crickmay 
Page Start: 143
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Body-mapping and the Human Spirograph: Performance drawing in Thirdspace
Authors:  Tara Chittenden 
Page Start: 155
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Somatic commonalities in the study of Budō and Zen
Authors:  Tony Shinro Doubleday 
Page Start: 171
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Interview with independent dance artist Cecilia Macfarlane
Authors:  Emma Meehan And  Cecilia Macfarlane 
Page Start: 183
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