ISSN: 20523998
Online ISSN: 20524005
First published in 2015
3 Issues per volume
Volume 1 Issue 2
Cover Date: April 2015
Authors:  Karl Spracklen And  Niall Scott 
Page Start: 195
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No direction home: ‘The Home of Metal’ and unreconstructed and unaccommodated man
Authors:  Ben Andrews And  Pete Bennett 
Page Start: 197
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Eastern Desekratorz and Nuclear Metal Lust:1 Performing ‘Authentic’ black metal in Malaysian Borneo
Authors:  Marco Ferrarese 
Page Start: 211
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Explaining the naming of heavy metal from rock’s ‘Back Pages’: A dialogue with Deena Weinstein
Authors:  Andy R. Brown 
Page Start: 233
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Re-conceptualizing women’s marginalization in heavy metal: A feminist post-structuralist perspective
Authors:  Gabby Riches 
Page Start: 263
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Mining The Motherload: Mastodon’s #twerkgate and sexual objectification in metal
Authors:  Kristen Sollee 
Page Start: 271
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Authors:  Owen Coggins And  Gabby Riches And  Heather Savigny And  Niels Penke And  Karl Spracklen 
Page Start: 279
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