ISSN: 17526299
Online ISSN: 17526302
First published in 2008
3 Issues per volume
Volume 9 Issue 1
Cover Date: March 2016
Authors:  Alicia De Banffy-Hall And  Theo Hartogh And  Burkhard Hill 
Page Start: 3
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Sociocultural work and Community Music in Germany
Authors:  Burkhard Hill 
Page Start: 7
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‘Community Music’ in Germany? An attempt to untangle German and English concepts in the context of music and pedagogy
Authors:  Elke Josties 
Page Start: 23
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Music Geragogy, Elemental Music Pedagogy and Community Music – didactic approaches for making music in old age
Authors:  Theo Hartogh 
Page Start: 35
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Community Sound Work: Music in open health settings – voice and body, inclusion and therapy, individuality and indication
Authors:  Wolfgang Mastnak 
Page Start: 49
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DrumPower – music for a better community in the classroom: Group music therapy programme for violence prevention, social integration and empowerment in schools – suggestions from Community Music Therapy approaches
Authors:  Andreas Wölfl 
Page Start: 65
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Blank spaces: In search of community music in Germany
Authors:  Bernd Clausen 
Page Start: 77
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Music-making and the master–pupil tradition in teaching: The current state of music education in Germany and Community Music
Authors:  Thomas Grosse 
Page Start: 83
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Developing community music in Germany: The journey to this journal issue
Authors:  Alicia De Banffy-Hall 
Page Start: 99
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