ISSN: 17535190
Online ISSN: 17535204
First published in 2008
3 Issues per volume
Volume 9 Issue 1-2
Cover Date: March 2016
Writing with/on/for the screen
Authors:  Craig Batty And  Susan Kerrigan 
Page Start: 3
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Creative destruction: Screen production research, theory and affect
Authors:  Leo Berkeley And  Martin Wood And  Smiljana Glisovic 
Page Start: 7
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The paperless screenplay: Writing on, for and with the SCREEN
Authors:  Louise Sawtell 
Page Start: 33
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Writi ng with the small, smart screen: Mobile phones, automated editing and holding on to creative agency
Authors:  Bettina Frankham 
Page Start: 47
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Writing on the screen as scribing reality: Nineteenth-century moving image representation and its antecedents
Authors:  James Verdon 
Page Start: 67
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Noirscapes: Using the screen to rewrite Los Angeles noir as urban historiography
Authors:  Sean Maher And  Susan Kerrigan 
Page Start: 87
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Conduits for transformation: Spatializing the essay, towards an embodied pensiveness
Authors:  Smiljana Glisovic 
Page Start: 105
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Screenwriting the body in Fireflies: An analysis of the devising and writing process
Authors:  Kath Dooley 
Page Start: 127
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Thinking through the screenplay: The academy as a site for research-based script development
Authors:  Craig Batty And  Louise Sawtell And  Stayci Taylor 
Page Start: 149
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