ISSN: 17527066
Online ISSN: 17527074
First published in 2008
3 Issues per volume
Volume 9 Issue 2
Cover Date: July 2016
Authors:  Andrew R. Brown 
Page Start: 123
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Cantus: Construction and evaluation of a software solution for real-time vocal music training and musical intonation assessment
Page Start: 125
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Digitally mediated keyboard learning: Speed of mastery, level of retention and student perspectives
Authors:  Radio Cremata And  Bryan Powell 
Page Start: 145
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Revitalizing music teacher preparation with selected ‘Essential Conditions’
Authors:  Danni Gilbert 
Page Start: 161
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Introducing technology in Cypriot primary classroom music lessons: ‘I learnt using things in music I didn’t know existed’
Page Start: 175
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BitBox!: A case study interface for teaching real-time adaptive music composition for video games
Authors:  Kenneth McAlpine 
Page Start: 191
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Understanding sheet music as a medium to expand pedagogic practice
Authors:  Matthew D. Thibeault 
Page Start: 209
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