ISSN: 23977140
Online ISSN: 23977159
First published in 2017
2 Issues per volume
Volume 1 Issue 1
Cover Date: March 2017
Hundreds of millions in suspension
Authors:  Biao Xiang 
Page Start: 3
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Why Transitions?
Authors:  Catherine Gomes And  Susan Leong And  Peidong Yang 
Page Start: 7
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Student migration and domestic improvisation: Transient migration through the experience of everyday laundry
Authors:  Sarah Pink And  John Postill 
Page Start: 13
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Understanding ‘integration’: Chinese ‘foreign talent’ students in Singapore talking about rongru
Authors:  Peidong Yang 
Page Start: 29
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The mobile middle: Indian skilled migrants in Singapore and the ‘middling’ space between migration categories
Authors:  Michiel Baas 
Page Start: 47
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‘Now I can never go back’: The thwarted returns of temporary labour migrants from China in Perth, Western Australia
Authors:  Catriona Stevens 
Page Start: 65
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Entangled belonging: Barcelona-to-Melbourne professional transient migrants
Authors:  Glenda Mejía And  Sarah Pink 
Page Start: 85
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Expatriate 2.0: New media for new expatriates
Authors:  Fan Mai 
Page Start: 101
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When tears become a language: Frictions in a xenophobic national ‘imaginary’
Authors:  Muchativugwa Hove 
Page Start: 117
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Authors:  Peidong Yang And  Cora Lingling Xu 
Page Start: 137
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Transient migrations: Intersectionalities, mobilities and temporalities
Authors:  Brenda S. A. Yeoh 
Page Start: 143
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