ISSN: 20443714
Online ISSN: 20443722
First published in 2013
2 Issues per volume
Volume 4 Issue 2
Cover Date: December 2016
The world is a turbulent place...
Authors:  Chris White 
Page Start: 97
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Embracing the diversity of European national identities: The nation as part of the collective European whole
Authors:  Rhian Collings 
Page Start: 99
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Setting variables: Axes of time, space and meaning in production design for the screen
Authors:  Piers D. Britton 
Page Start: 117
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When choreography marries digital projection
Authors:  Alice Vale 
Page Start: 137
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Young female filmmaker makes controversial film − making her an inspiring humanitarian
Authors:  Angelique Merchant 
Page Start: 145
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Sharing ‘untamed ideas’: Process-based costume design in Finnish contemporary dance through the work of Marja Uusitalo
Authors:  Tua Helve And  Sofia Pantouvaki 
Page Start: 149
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