ISSN: 20523998
Online ISSN: 20524005
First published in 2015
3 Issues per volume
Volume 3 Issue 1
Cover Date: March 2017
Authors:  Niall Scott And  Karl Spracklen 
Page Start: 3
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Slashing through the boundaries: Heavy metal fandom, fan fiction and girl cultures
Authors:  Catherine Hoad 
Page Start: 5
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Historical development, sound aesthetics and production techniques of the distorted electric guitar in metal music
Authors:  Jan-Peter Herbst 
Page Start: 23
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Within the perpetual pentagram: Religious discourse in the Hawai‘i metal scene
Authors:  Benjamin Hedge Olson 
Page Start: 47
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Rime of a metal mariner
Authors:  Justin J. Roberts 
Page Start: 63
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Black Sabbath’s pioneering lyrical rhetoric: Tragic structure and cathartic potential in song narratives
Authors:  Brett A. Barnett 
Page Start: 81
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The power of the imagination of historical distance: Melechesh’ ‘Mesopotamian Metal’ as a musical attempt of solving cultural conflicts in the twenty-first century
Authors:  Peter Pichler 
Page Start: 97
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Global metal in local contexts: Questions of class among heavy metal youth and the structuring of early metal identity formations
Authors:  Paula Rowe 
Page Start: 113
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After the apocalypse: Identity and legitimacy in the postdigital heavy metal subculture
Authors:  Rio Goldhammer 
Page Start: 135
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Decoding cultural signifiers of Brazilian identity and the African diaspora from the music of Sepultura
Page Start: 145
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Book Reviews
Authors:  Stefano Barone And  Amanda Digioia And  Jordan Musser 
Page Start: 153
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