ISSN: 20469861
Online ISSN: 2046987X
First published in 2013
2 Issues per volume
Volume 5 Issue 1
Cover Date: April 2017
Special issue: Television seasonality
Authors:  Derek Johnston 
Page Start: 3
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Season to taste: Television cookery programmes, aesthetics and seasonality
Authors:  Sarah Cardwell 
Page Start: 11
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Scheduling for Christmas: How an ‘ordinary’ piece of television became extraordinary
Authors:  Paul Tucker And  Helen Wolfenden And  Howard Sercombe 
Page Start: 31
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Festive television in the socialist world: From media events to media holidays
Authors:  Simon Huxtable And  Sabina Mihelj And  Alice Bardan And  Sylwia Szostak 
Page Start: 49
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Do they know it’s Christmastime at all?: Mad Men and the dangers of seasonal nostalgia
Authors:  Emily Hoffman 
Page Start: 69
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Crime TV’s undercover Halloween
Authors:  Lindsay Steenberg 
Page Start: 83
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Summer loving? Female-orientated comedy drama, ITV and seasonal performance
Authors:  Joanne Knowles 
Page Start: 101
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Authors:  Missy Molloy And  Rachel Mizsei Ward And  Arin Keeble And  Jilly Boyce Kay 
Page Start: 119
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