ISSN: 20566522
Online ISSN: 20566530
First published in 2016
Issues per volume
Volume 2 Issue 1
Cover Date: April 2017
Food Design education
Authors:  Pedro Reissig 
Page Start: 3
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Food, research, design: What can food studies bring to food design education?
Authors:  Fabio Parasecoli 
Page Start: 15
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Embracing complexity in Food, Design and Food Design
Page Start: 27
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Designing urban agriculture education for social justice: Radical innovation through Farm School NYC
Authors:  Kristin Reynolds 
Page Start: 45
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Food as a system and a material for the creative process in design education
Authors:  Raffaella Perrone And  Albert Fuster 
Page Start: 65
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Differentiating consumption contexts as a basis for diversity in food design education: Eating in or eating out?
Page Start: 83
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Fighting food waste towards a new social food chain: The Egg of Columbus workshop
Authors:  Cristian Campagnaro And  Sara Ceraolo 
Page Start: 103
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Food design and food studies: Discussing creative and critical thinking in food system education and research
Authors:  Sonia Massari 
Page Start: 117
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