ISSN: 20405669
Online ISSN: 20405677
First published in 2010
2 Issues per volume
Volume 8 Issue 1
Cover Date: April 2017
Words and Dance
Authors:  Robert Vesty 
Page Start: 3
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Vital Signs: Poetry, movement and the writing body
Authors:  Scott Thurston And  Sarie Mairs Slee 
Page Start: 9
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I wanted to find you by inhabiting your tongue: Mistranslating between words and dance in choreographic practice
Authors:  Alys Longley 
Page Start: 27
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Metronome and Melodic Lines: Confluences of the word and the move in solo studio-based movement improvisatory practice
Authors:  Hilary Elliott 
Page Start: 51
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Riffing, writing, realizing (Or, a simultaneous reflection on and re-entry into a particular score)
Authors:  Elise Nuding 
Page Start: 67
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How to communicate on the verge of collapse
Authors:  Stephan Jürgens 
Page Start: 89
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The ‘making’ of movement and words: A po(i)etic reading of Charlotte Spencer’s Walking Stories
Authors:  Daniela Perazzo Domm 
Page Start: 111
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Artefacts: A multi-voiced collection of paraphernalia, documentation and reflection on the Space and Words for Dancers work-week
Page Start: 131
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