ISSN: 1601829X
Online ISSN: 20400586
First published in 2002
1 Issues per volume
Volume 15 Issue 1
Cover Date: June 2017
Introduction – political communication in networked societies
Authors:  Eli Skogerbø And  Risto Kunelius 
Page Start: 3
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Political communication in an age of visual connectivity: Exploring Instagram practices among Swedish politicians
Authors:  Mattias Ekman And  Andreas Widholm 
Page Start: 15
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Facebook and local newspapers’ effect on local politicians’ popularity
Page Start: 33
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Translocal empowerment communication: Mediated networks of civil society organizations for political empowerment
Authors:  Sigrid Kannengießer 
Page Start: 51
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Video activism in the Brazilian protests: Genres, narratives and political participation
Page Start: 69
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Image, self-presentation and political communication in the age of interconnection: An alternative understanding of the mediatization of politics
Authors:  Cristina Archetti 
Page Start: 89
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The mediatization of politics in the hybrid media system: The case of Italian political journalism
Authors:  Sergio Splendore And  Rossella Rega 
Page Start: 111
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Facebook and political participation: Going beyond over-optimistic predictions
Page Start: 131
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The world as seen by a Prime Minister: Italian PM Matteo Renzi on his spin doctor’s Instagram page
Authors:  Francesco Buscemi 
Page Start: 149
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