ISSN: 1474273X
Online ISSN: 20400896
First published in 2002
2 Issues per volume
Volume 16 Issue 2
Cover Date: October 2017
Authors:  Susan Orr 
Page Start: 141
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I don’t know, I just like it: Exploring how design students think about criticism
Authors:  Myra Thiessen 
Page Start: 145
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Design studio discourse in architecture in Australia: The role of formative feedback in assessment
Authors:  Angela Ardington And  Helen Drury 
Page Start: 157
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Learning theory through doing: Applying design studio methods in the construction of an academic argument
Authors:  Mike McAuley And  Mark Roxburgh 
Page Start: 171
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Assimilating architectural cognitive mappings: A survey of students and architects
Page Start: 187
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Transforming studio experience: Introducing student-centred learning and communities of practice to new design-teaching staff in Shanghai
Authors:  Greg Piper 
Page Start: 201
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Higher education fine art in the United Kingdom and Spain since 1992: A study in perceptions of change by staff in two universities
Authors:  Jill Journeaux And  Pilar Montero And  Judith Mottram 
Page Start: 217
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Rethinking materialities in higher education
Authors:  Maarit Mäkelä And  Teija Löytönen 
Page Start: 241
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Authors:  James Swinson And  Kelly Chorpening 
Page Start: 259
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