ISSN: 20517041
Online ISSN: 2051705X
First published in 2014
3 Issues per volume
Volume 4 Issue 2-3: Making the New World: The Arts of China’s Cultural Revolution
Cover Date: September 2017
Authors:  Jiang Jiehong 
Page Start: 121
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Cultural policy for a heroic age
Authors:  Richard King 
Page Start: 125
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The transformation of Beijing opera: Jiang Qing, Yu Huiyong and yangbanxi
Authors:  Yawen Ludden 
Page Start: 143
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Internationalizing Chairman Mao: Creation of the Mao cult in China Reconstructs and its reception in Latin America
Authors:  Xing Zhao 
Page Start: 161
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Photography and the Cultural Revolution: A wider aperture, a longer exposure
Authors:  Martin Mulloy 
Page Start: 183
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Visualizing biopower, discipline and the female body in mid-twentieth century China
Authors:  Linda Jean Pittwood 
Page Start: 203
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Propaganda on shellac, vinyl and plastic: The politics of record production during the Cultural Revolution in China (1966–76)
Authors:  Andreas Steen 
Page Start: 221
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Labour and art during the Cultural Revolution: An analysis of the sculptural installation Wrath of the Serfs (1975)
Authors:  Yi Yi Mon Kyo 
Page Start: 243
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Making a new world and a new people: Cold War, Maoist austere architecture and the ‘Rammed-earth Campaign’, 1966–76
Authors:  Zixian Liu 
Page Start: 269
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Freedom, suppression and passion in Mao’s Cultural Revolution
Authors:  Shen Jiawei And  Li Bin And  Jiang Jiehong 
Page Start: 287
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Billboard, banner, blackboard: Marina Warner’s photographs of the Cultural Revolution
Authors:  Marina Warner And  Marco Bohr And  Rut Blees Luxemburg 
Page Start: 303
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‘Breaking with old ideas’ revisited
Authors:  Rosalind Delmar And  Mark Nash 
Page Start: 315
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