ISSN: 20403275
Online ISSN: 20403283
First published in 2010
2 Issues per volume
Volume 8 Issue 2
Cover Date: October 2017
Introduction – Bloodlines: Hunting the vampire through TV history
Authors:  Stacey Abbott And  Lorna Jowett And  Michael Starr 
Page Start: 175
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‘Look who’s got a case of dark prince envy’: Dracula, televisuality and the golden age(s) of TV horror
Authors:  Stacey Abbott 
Page Start: 183
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‘Last night I dreamt I went to Collinwood again’: Vampire adaptation and reincarnation romance in Dark Shadows
Authors:  Catherine Spooner 
Page Start: 205
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Stephen King’s vampire kingdom: Supernatural evil and human evil in TV adaptations of Salem’s Lot (1979, 2004)
Authors:  Simon Brown 
Page Start: 223
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The curious case of the Spanish televisual vampire
Authors:  Xavier Aldana Reyes 
Page Start: 241
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A very special vampire episode: Vampires, archetypes and postmodern turns in late 1980s’ and 1990s’ cult TV shows
Authors:  Sorcha Ní Fhlainn 
Page Start: 255
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‘When there’s blood involved, a line been crossed’: Spike/Eric slash and the fascinations of the crossover text
Authors:  Bethan Jones 
Page Start: 275
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Original sin: Frontier horror, gothic anxiety and colonial monsters in The Vampire Diaries
Authors:  Rebecca M. Lush 
Page Start: 293
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Horrible histories? Vampire television, period drama and spectacle
Authors:  Lorna Jowett 
Page Start: 313
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