ISSN: 20010818
Online ISSN: 20499531
First published in 2012
3 Issues per volume
Volume 7 Issue 1
Cover Date: March 2018
Journalistic practices in the representation of Europe’s 2014–2016 migrant and refugee crisis
Authors:  Vittoria Sacco And  Valérie Gorin 
Page Start: 3
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Pictures of migration: The invisible shock of misery photographs
Authors:  Sonya de Laat 
Page Start: 15
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Children in the visual coverage of the European refugee crisis: A case study of the World Press Photo 2016
Authors:  Joanna Kędra And  Mélodine Sommier 
Page Start: 37
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Waiting for a hypothetical asylum: The photographic coverage of the Maximilian Park in Brussels
Authors:  Olivier Standaert And  Gérard Derèze 
Page Start: 59
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An image of refugees through the social media lens: A narrative framing analysis of the Humans of New York series ‘Syrian Americans’
Authors:  Gregory Perreault And  Newly Paul 
Page Start: 79
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Discursive constructions of the summer 2015 refugee crisis: A comparative analysis of French, Dutch, Belgian francophone and British centre-of-right press narratives
Authors:  Lutgard Lams 
Page Start: 103
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Representation of Syrian refugees in the Turkish media
Authors:  Ulaş Sunata And  Esra Yıldız 
Page Start: 129
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Who wrote this? The role of bylines in news coverage of immigrants and refugees
Authors:  Francesco Somaini 
Page Start: 153
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Whetting the appetite: What are the challenges for journalists covering Syria’s conflict and the migration crisis using UGC?
Authors:  Lisette Johnston 
Page Start: 177
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Immersive journalism and the migrant crisis: The case of Exils as a mobile radio reportage
Authors:  Vittoria Sacco And  Valérie Gorin And  Nicolae Schiau 
Page Start: 197
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