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IntellectOpen is designed to complement our traditional academic publishing services by offering authors, editors and their funders an attractive Open Access option for delivering their monographs and journals free at the point of access under Creative Commons licensing.

IntellectOpen addresses the growing requirement for Open Access in the academic community while maintaining Intellect's high standards in author service, ensuring high quality content through our rigorous peer review process, copyediting, typesetting and design. Both IntellectOpen monographs and journals are made available for immediate access following publication on a variety of platforms, ensuring excellent visibility and discoverability, while Intellect's full marketing support will ensure IntellectOpen publications reach a global audienceWith IntellectOpen, as with our other publishing models, we are committed to offering authors the best publishing service, while always striving to keep prices, fees and costs to a minimum.

Intellect offers both Green and Gold Open Access options for all of our publications.

Green Open Access
Authors and contributors to all Intellect books and journals can deposit their post-print file in institutional repositories or on a personal website. We define post-print as the version of the work after peer-review, with revisions having been made but before copy-editing and typesetting have taken place. This is subject to an embargo period of 12 months


Gold Open Access 
Intellect gives authors and contributors the option of publishing their work under the Gold Open Access model. All our usual publishing standards continue to apply, and the monographs or articles are made freely available online, with perpetual access, through a Creative Commons license.


Intellect Author Fund

The Intellect Author Fund has been set up to support open access publication by early career scholars. Intellect authors and editors may donate their royalties to the Fund. Earnings from the Fund are allocated to a peer-reviewed IntellectOpen publication. Publishing decisions related to fund-supported publications will be based solely on scholarly merit. All publications benefiting from the Fund include an acknowledgement on the copyright page, and are listed on our website. To support the fund or for further information, please contact Jelena Stanovnik


We recommend the CC-BY license.

CC: Creative Commons. Anyone may download and share your work

BY: By Attribution. You must always be credited as the author

More information can be found at


Peer Review
Intellect is committed to the highest standards of peer review. All IntellectOpen monographs will be sent to multiple reviewers for feedback and approval before being accepted for publication, in the same way as all other Intellect titles.


All IntellectOpen titles go through exactly the same production process as any other Intellect title, including copyediting, typesetting, and design.


Publishing with IntellectOpen guarantees perpetual access of your work and the preservation of your work and scholarship for the widest possible readership.


IntellectOpen monographs and journals are made available for immediate access following publication on a variety of platforms, ensuring excellent visibility and discoverability.



What Creative Commons license do you support
Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY).

More information can be found at


How much are your publication charges?
Gold Open Access requires payment of a publishing charge, as we anticipate reduced sales revenue from these titlesOur standard charge for monographs is £6500 + VAT ($10,000) for up to 120,000 words, and £1600 + VAT per additional 30,000 words. Our standard charge for journal articles is £1000 + VAT per article


What is the peer review procedure for Open Access titles?
Intellect is committed to the highest standards of peer review. All IntellectOpen monographs will be sent to multiple reviewers for feedback and approval before being accepted for publication, in the same way as all other Intellect books. Open Access journal articles will undergo the same double blind peer review procedure as any other article.


Are there any other differences between Open Access and more conventional publishing options?
The same high standards and procedures will be applied for Open Access titles as for our other publications. This includes editorial processes (including peer review and copyediting), production processes (including design and typesetting), marketing and distribution.


In which formats will an IntellectOpen book be published
The book will be freely available online, in perpetuity. Print and ebook versions will also be available for purchase.


In which formats will an IntellectOpen journal article be published?
Gold Open Access articles will be published with the other content of the journal in both print and online versions and the online article will be marked as Open Access.


Will I still get royalties?
Royalties for IntellectOpen publications will be added to the Intellect Author Fund, contributing to Open Access fees for early career scholars.


Will Open Access books be marketed?
We will undertake the same high level of marketing as we do for all our titles. This includes exposure in our catalogues, advertising, conference display, press releases and social media. IntellectOpen publications will be available from a variety of sources, including OAPEN, Google Books, Open Edition and the Directory of Open Access Books.


List of Open Access monographs:

Fleming, David H (2017), Unbecoming Cinema : Unsettling Encounters With Ethical Event FilmsBristol: Intellect


Carpentier, Nico (2011), Media and Participation: A site of ideological-democratic struggle, Bristol: Intellect.


Heldt, Guido (2013), Music and Levels of Narration in Film, Bristol: Intellect.

Butt, Danny (2017) Artistic Research in the Future AcademyBristol: Intellect. 


List of Open Access articles:

Abdel-Fadil, M. and Van Eynde, K. (2016), Golden age divas on the silver screen: Challenging or conforming to dominant gender norms?Journal of African Cinemas, 8.1. 


Nittono, H. (2016), 'The two-layer model ofkawaii’: A behavioural science framework for understanding kawaii and cuteness'East Asian Journal of Popular Culture, 2.1.


Stanek, Łukasz (2015), 'Mobilities of Architechure in the Global Cold War: From Socialist Poland to Kuwait and Back'International Journal of Islamic Architechure, 4.2. 


Lund, Martin (2015), 'X marks the spot: Urban dystopia, slum voyerism and failures of identity in District X'Journal of Urban Cultural Studies, 2, 1–2.


Bussières, Marie-Pierre (2015), 'From classical Greece to science fiction: Heroic aesthetics and the popularity of Eagle pilot Alan Carter in Space: 1999', Journal of Popular Television, 3.1.


Sherlock, Alexandra (2014), '"It's kind of where the shoe gets you to I suppose": Materializing identity with footwear'Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty, 5.1.


Carson, Jonathan and Miller, Rosie (2014), 'Negotiating the Archive'Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, 7.3.


Lundell, Åsa Kroon (2014), 'Cross-platform television: Superlatives, metadiscourse and complex audience orientation in a sports journalism production on the web'Northern Lights: Film & Media Studies Yearbook, 12.1.


Ponzanesi, Sandra and Leurs, Koen (2014), 'On digital crossings in Europe'Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture, 5.1.


Simpson, Paul (2013), 'Work that body: Distinguishing an authentic middle-aged gay self'Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty, 4.1–2.


Girelli, E. (2012), 'The traitor as patriot: Guy Burgess, Englishness and camp in Another Country and An Englishman Abroad'Journal of European Popular Culture, 2.2.


Gildemaher, P. R., Leeuwis, C., Demo, P., Borus, D., Schulte-Geldermann, E., Mundia, P., Kinyae, P., Nyongesa, M. and Struik, P. C. (2012), 'Positive selection in seed potato production in Kenya as a case of successful research-led innovation'International Journal of Technology Management & Sustainable Development, 11.1.  

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