'Communications were friendly, speedy, and precise. Couldn't have been better. ... I love the cover design! ... I think you are fantastic and look forward to working with you again.' - Emily E. Auger, Author of Tech-Noir Film.

'Thank you for allowing the voice of the author ABOVE mere market interests' - Martin Botha, Author of South African Cinema 1896-2010.
'I was very happy with the whole production process.' - Milly Buonanno, Author of Italian TV Drama and Beyond and The Age of Television.
'Easy to work with and efficient ... I was very satisfied with the cover. It looks great and has received many compliments.' - Rebekah Farrugia, Author of Beyond the Dance Floor.
'I had extremely good communication with the various editors at all stages of the production. The work with my lots of illustrations went very well, and the Intellect staff provided excellent support in finding good copies and getting copyright permissions. I also much appreciated the willingness to go for paperback at once
Thanks for fine co-operation, and hope to publish with you again!' - Johan Fornäs, Author of Signifying Europe.
'I was impressed by the commitment to an unusual project and the understanding, flexibility and speed of editorial and production work. ... Design team were excellent on this and very responsive. ... You have a really good editorial and design team, with some vision and you are building a great list in theatre and performance studies.' - Adrian Heathfield, co-editor of Perform, Repeat, Record.
'Great team and the best part is the respect paid to writers, artists, and contributors. This is a rare thing these days. ... I appreciated the Press really listening to me and my co-editor on the cover design. ... efficiency, high standards, and deep respect shown to editors and contributors ... I have recommended the press to others. It’s a gem in these days of corporatized publishing.' Amelia Jones, co-editor of Perform, Repeat, Record.
'I have recommended Intellect to colleagues looking for a suitable publishing venue for sophisticated, visually oriented academic ventures. Having compared our experience with Intellect to stories others have told about the lack of responsiveness and the meddling of its competitors, I am very pleased that we went with Intellect. The book is everything we hoped it would be and more. ... It’s a really beautiful book. ... Very, very, very satisfied, esp that we were able to tone down a name for the book which had looked fine on the postcards but stood out in the proofs. And the postcards are really an ingenious marketing tool that we continue to distribute with pride. ... We very much appreciated May’s immediate responses to our emails and the rapid turnaround at every stage of the process from reviewing through proofs and printing.' - Susan Ingram, Author of Berliner Chic.
'I will be recommending Intellect to other academics! Thank you for a great experience!' - Katrina Sark, Author of Berliner Chic.
'The email communication was always friendly and I always felt confident that the project was in good hands.  .. Cover looks great. Brilliant designer.' - Marc James Léger, Editor of Culture and Contestation in the New Century.
'I enjoyed working with Intellect. The team has been most professional throughout the publication process. ... Excellent communication, consultation and support throughout; good liaison within the process of publication, high levels of professionalism and clear marketing strategy. It has been a pleasure to work [with] Intellect.' - Judith Rugg, co-editor of Spatialities.
'Good communication; good support; relaxed atmosphere; open to ideas.'
Lydia Papadimitriou and Yannis Tzioumakis, co-editors of Greek Cinema.

‘Intellect took the groundbreaking decision to launch a series of journals in film studies beginning with Studies in French Cinema in 2000, since when the collection has expanded exponentially to take on world cinemas within its remit in a decidedly creative and intellectually challenging way.’ – Susan Hayward, Founding Editor, Studies in French Cinema

'Five stars! I find the publication processes at Intellect always thorough and efficient. The support and belief in the need for the Journal of Applied Arts & Health was there from the very beginning of my idea and the staff ensured the venture began well informed and fit for purpose. More recently as a book author with Intellect I have encountered the same reliable and professional partnership. It is a real pleasure to work with a publisher that champions original thought in this way.' - Ross W. Prior, Author of Teaching Actors and Founding Editor, Journal of Applied Arts & Health.

‘Intellect publishing offers a platform for new and original ideas in the field of arts and humanities; it provides a home for academics who are looking to independent and forward-thinking publishers whose principal criterion is not 'will it sell?' They have grown and developed over the past two decades to be one of the foremost publishers in, amongst other areas, arts, education and media. Intellect provides a first-rate service to both authors and readers, treating both with respect and with a rare concern for quality and integrity.’ – Richard Hickman, University of Cambridge, Author of Research in Art & Design Education

‘As an editor, what I like best about Intellect is the combination of genuine concern, constructive advice, and unequivocal respect for the editors’ ultimate choices. The people at Intellect are pros at what they do, which allows us as editors to focus on our job – finding the best texts.’ – Daniel Lindvall, Editor of Film International

‘Working with Intellect is a real partnership. Their editorial staff are open, creative, and responsive. This is the first academic journal I have edited, and I found their advice and guidance invaluable.’ – Tim Wall, Editor of The Radio Journal

‘Independent publishers are the lifeblood of adventurous enquiry at a time when the wildness of theatre is being tamed towards scholarly orthodoxy. If Intellect were not prepared to take risks - with pantomime, neglected Polish playwrights, dark arts, sacred theatre and so on - we would be missing out on some fine books.’ – Peter Thompson, Founding Editor of Studies in Theatre & Performance

‘Intellect Books has made its name in the field of media studies, with a range of publications designed to appeal to teachers and students in the academic field, on the one hand, and to broadcasting managers, policy-makers and practitioners, on the other. As a publisher, it shows enthusiasm for original work and commitment to its authors.’ – Michael Starks, University of Oxford, Author of Switching to Digital Television and Editor of the International Journal of Digital Television

‘I have enjoyed working with designated staff at Intellect on producing the International Journal for Education through Art over the past three years and found them very helpful. A particular strength for an art journal like this is their willingness to collaborate with editors and experiment with image text formats and advise about their layout and presentation.’ – Rachel Mason, Founding Editor, International Journal of Education Through Art

‘It was great to work with a company that has a love of the subject and was ready to consider a previously unpublished author. From the outset the staff at Intellect were supportive through the whole process from proofing to marketing.’  – Roger Wooster, Author of Contemporary Theatre in Education

‘I first became aware of Intellect Press through advertisements in Sight & Sound magazine which prominently displayed some particularly fine artworks. Covers for titles like Hollywood Utopia and Cinemas of the Other are intelligent, well-chosen designs that are suggestive of texts that offer unique depth and insight in a presently over-crowded academic market. The artworks for new Intellect titles such as Point Blank, Switching to Digital Television and Allegorical Images expertly integrate image with theme in a manner that is at once subtle and distinctly eye-catching.’ – John Berra, Author of Declarations of Independence

‘The process of developing an idea for a new Journal is invigorating and very thorough. The team brings a wideranging knowledge to the entire process, wonderful energy in terms of their creative thinking and suggestions for format, design and editorial processes. Above all I have felt very supported throughout the whole process of proposing and getting a new Journal off the ground!’ – Sarah Whatley, Editor, Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices

‘When the JAMS team approached Intellect they were looking for a professional and experienced publisher. Intellect offered us both and from the start their energetic team was very welcoming and adventurous in using creative and unconventional approaches. They have inspired us to test the limits and to include visual essays, normally absent in more traditional academic journals. Their service can be summed up as fresh, innovative and creative. Intellect has clearly exceeded our expectations’. Winston Mano, Editor, Journal of African Media Studies

'Jessica, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for your continued support, patience and understanding throughout this entire production. We were extremely fortunate to have been assigned a capable, approachable and accommodating individual such as yourself. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you on what has certainly been an interesting "journey" for me, and I wish you all the best, as you continue to guide other authors through this amazing process of turning their thoughts and experiences into a reality that can be shared with so many others. It's a shame we never had the opportunity to meet in person'. Stuart McIntosh, Editorial Assistant for Gavin Bolton's Contextual Drama by Margaret R. Burke

'Being an Intellect author has been a high point of my career as an artist, scholar and researcher. I found the experience - from initial proposal through final proof - to be professional, encouraging and open. I appreciated being part of a team who shared my enthusiasm for the project and who were committed to publishing a high quality book that would have an impact in my field. I was encouraged by the flexibility of the editorial staff and the interactions with them that allowed my vision to grow and come to a fuller, richer expression. The art staff were partners with me as they found a vision for the book's cover that captured the qualities I found to be most important. I also appreciate their ongoing commitment to the book evidenced in their reaching out to potential readers throughout the world. This is a top notch publisher and I am so pleased to have had this experience with Intellect.'
Joan Lazarus, author of Signs of Change.
'Publishing with Intellect has been a pleasure from start to finish. The professionalism, dedication, and energy of Intellect's staff are outstanding. I could not be happier with the thoughtfulness of the design of my book, and the journals truly reflect Intellect's passion for 'original thinking'.'
Paul Booth, editor of Fan Phenomena: Doctor Who.
'As principal editor of the journal Visual Inquiry: Learning and Teaching Art and the author of two books published by Intellect, Artist Scholar and Artist Teacher. I've found the review process at Intellect rigorous, yet the support in design and production encouraging. In addition, it's a joy to see the consistent presence of Intellect publications at the most important conferences around the world. It's a combination that is essential but difficult to balance in academic publishing.' Jim Daichendt
'It was terrific to work with Intellect on an edited volume. They supported our concept from the start and helped us build on our project’s most innovative aspects. We were in regular contact with Intellect about the volume’s design, and throughout the process their editors were open to experimentation. I don’t think that the final product would have been as inventive and exciting as it is, were it not for their enthusiasm and their willingness to cooperate with us.' Brad Prager, Berlin School Glossary


'Over the last five years that we have edited the Journal of Curatorial Studies, the Intellect team has demonstrated extraordinary encouragement and support. Every individual – from copyeditors and designers to marketers and managers – has been consistently pleasant, open to dialogue, and constructive when dealing with challenges. Intellect has secured a reputation as a dynamic and creative catalyst for innovative and adventurous scholarship. It is extremely gratifying to contribute to its exciting range of journals and books, and to see new publishing initiatives grow amongst a broad international readership and global distribution network.' Jennifer Fisher and Jim Drobnick
Editors, Journal of Curatorial Studies

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