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Codpieces, Chopines and Corsets! Celia Stall-Meadows, author of Why Would Anyone Wear That? is interviewed by American TV station Fox23


Guest-editor Shaun McNiff launches issue 3.1 on art-based research

Art-Based Research, Shaun McNiff, Journal of Applied Arts and Health, 3, 1 from Shaun McNiff on Vimeo.

The challenge of academic publishing in the multilingual world.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the publication of the Portuguese Journal of Social Science Masoud Yazdani contributed to a panel discussion in Lisbon.

What it means to be an American post-9/11. Cynthia Weber on the Michael Dresser Show.

What it means to be an American post-9/11. Cynthia Weber on the Michael Dresser Show (08/17/2011) from Intellect on Vimeo.

Dominic Symonds, Editor, Studies in Musical Theatre

Dominic Symonds from Intellect on Vimeo.

Song Hwee Lim, Editor, Journal of Chinese Cinemas

Song Hwee Lim from Intellect on Vimeo.

Academic Digital Publishing, Masoud Yazdani

Academic Digital Publishing from Intellect on Vimeo.

Susan Hayward, Editor, Studies in French Cinema on working with Intellect

On 17th May Intellect held a training day for our new journal editors and Susan Hayward, who has edited Studies in French Cinema for ten years, kindly agreed to talk about her experience of working with Intellect.

Susan Hayward from Intellect on Vimeo.

David Desser, Editor of Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema

Desser from Intellect on Vimeo.

At the recent meeting of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies in LA, many potential contributors had a chance to chat with David Desser (University of Illinois), Editor of the Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema, at our Meet the Editor session.

Watch on YouTube.

Part Two: The Films of Grigorii Aleksandrov: The Radiant Path

Film scholar Rimgaila Salys leads us through a viewing of The Radiant Path (or The Shining Path) a Soviet musical comedy from 1940 by Grigorii Aleksandrov.

Watch on YouTube.

Part One: The Films of Grigorii Aleksandrov: Circus

Rimgaila Salys looks at Circus, an eccentric work from 1936.

Watch on YouTube.



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