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Here are some recently received reviews for our publications:

Writing on Drawing: Essays on Drawing Practice and Research edited by Steve Garner

‘The past decade has seen a change of attitude towards drawing. Its importance as an element in human intelligence is now widely appreciated. However, there has not been a clear picture of research in the field or an Agenda for future investigation. Writing on Drawing fills this gap. It gives an insight into current work and it is clear that a paradyme shift is underway. Drawing is of course strongly identified with art and design but it is now being seen in a much broader context. The contributions to this book give a new insight into this fascinating activity.’ – Ken Baynes, Loughborough University.

'Writing on Drawing is an excellent resource, in which a balance is
achieved between academic, educational and entertaining pieces. While the book is intellectually stimulating, it is never dry and successfully brings together critical thinking, debate and research to form a thought provoking insight into the ‘intelligence of seeing'.' – Alice Hunter,

Queer Cinema in Europe edited by Robin Griffiths

'The book is filled with great articles and analysis of interesting European film scenarios [...]This anthology will come in useful for film scholars who are interested in comparing GLBT representations in European films to queer portrayals in American or non-Western cinema' – Farhana Uddin, The Adirondack Review.

'A solid, thorough, and valuable examination of this emerging field of cultural study.' - The Gay & Lesbian Review

Reading Bande Dessinée: Critical Approaches to French-language Comic Strip by Ann Miller

Ann Miller’s contribution to bande dessinée studies is most welcome: anglophone academics are increasingly realising that the ninth art is both a valuable teaching tool and a gold mine for researchers of every hue. Reading bande dessinée breaks new ground, as it is multi-disciplinary. [...] The sensible decision to translate all quotations from French into English will enable Reading Bande Dessinée to reach the wide public it deserves. This book is a must for all serious students of the ninth art.' – Matthew Screech, Modern and Contemporary France.

'... the great strengths of Miller, apart from her limpid, lucid and passionate writing style, reside in her knowledge of the subject and the critical distance that she adopts towards the discourses that surround the medium, and in the abundance of bande dessinée references, from all parts of the spectrum, that are to be found on every page. To that must be added the depth with which images are analysed, the relevance of the points raised, the conceptual richness and the coherence of the arguments. It then becomes clear that the title's emphasis on different levels of reading in relation to the medium is justified because this is the key to an analysis which is accurate, scholarly, and effective. The author thereby fulfils her contract by offering a reading which is as illuminating as it is enjoyable.' – French Studies

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