New Journals for 2010

Visual Arts

Craft Research: a journal devoted to the study and development of contemporary craft practice and theory.

Critical Studies in Fashion and Beauty
: this journal provides a platform for the critical examination of the fashion and beauty systems.

Journal of Applied Arts and Health
: the effectiveness of the use of arts in healthcare is explored in this journal.

Metaverse Creativity: a journal examining the role of creativity in user-defined online virtual worlds such as Second Life®.

Philosophy of Photography
: this journal seeks to promote a deeper and more clearly articulated understanding of photography.

Studies in Comics: the aim of this journal is to explore the relationship between comics and theory, seeking to articulate a “theory of comics”.

The Poster: a forum for debate about the ways in which visual devices are used to sway, persuade, provoke, unite and divide us.

Film Studies

Journal of Screenwriting
: a journal exploring the nature of writing for the screen image, from film and television, to computer games and animation.

Studies in Eastern European Cinema
: a journal examining all aspects of cinema from the countries of Eastern Europe, from the Baltic to the Adriatic.

Transnational Cinemas
: this journal explores the effects of globalisation on the artistic, cultural and economic aspects of film.

Cultural & Media Studies

Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture
: this journal explores the complex relationship between migration and culture, from both global and local perspectives.

Horror Studies: a journal devoted to the study of horror in all its cultural and historical forms, from film, literature, music and dance, to fine art, photography and beyond.

International Journal of Digital Television: this journal will bring together the work of academics, policy-makers and practitioners in the field of digital television across the globe.

Journal of European Popular Culture: this journal explores the nature of popular culture of Europe throughout history.

Studies in Culture and Innovation: a platform for interdisciplinary exchanges between the arts and humanities and the science and technology sectors on the subjects of culture and innovation.

Performing Arts

Choreographic Practices
: this journal provides a platform for the critical examination of this emerging and vibrant research area.

Comedy Studies: promoting interdisciplinary discourse about the nature and practice of comedy, this journal provides a forum for the disparate voices of comedians, academics and writers.


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