Intellect editors at Transforming Audiences 2

Transforming Audiences 2: Creativity/Knowledge/Participation, will take place at the University of Westminster in London, 3–4 September 2009. The international conference, organized by the Audiences Group at the University of Westminster Communications and Media Research Institute, and run in association with ICA, IAMCR, and ECREA – will present a rich set of analyses of the current situation and raise important questions about the future.

Transforming Audiences 2 will consider the following issues:

    * DIY media, 'we media', 'user generated content', and dispersed creativity
    * Audiences, identities and popular culture
    * Citizen media and new political communication
    * Transnational audiences and diasporas
    * Audiences and users around the world
    * The economics and business of contemporary media audiences
    * New methodologies in audience studies
    * Changing audience/producer relations
    * Media history and audiences
    * Philosophical and theoretical paradigms, and ethical concerns


Participants will include:
Winston Mano, editor of the Journal of African Media Studies
Jostein Gripsrud, co-editor of Media, Markets & Public Spheres
Sonia Livingstone, editor of Audiences and Publics, and co-author of Harm and Offence in Media Content
Uwe Hasebrink, co-editor of Broadcasters and Citizens in Europe

For more information about the conference, go to:

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