Diasporas of Australian Cinema Reviewed by Sarah Pinto for The Southwest Journal of Cultures

Diasporas of Australian Cinema is reviewed by Sarah Pinto, Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies, Monash University and appears in the Southwest Journal of Cultures, which is an interdisciplinary venue for culture studies book reviews.

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"The collection begins with a theoretically-engaged Introduction where the editors provide two substantive arguments for the significance and importance of their diasporic approach, one historical, the other political: that ideas of a “transient, diasporic collective” are increasingly being attached to the Australian state (18); and that discussions of inclusive identities that allow for the possibility of multiplicity and “national cultural heterogeneity” (27) are particularly important at a time when calls for homogeneity have once again returned to prominence in Australia...Taken together, these chapters reveal a vibrant and important diasporic cinematic tradition in Australia. The collection both engages with and critiques its central diasporic concept, which gives it a methodological and theoretical strength that extends beyond its national focus." (Extract taken from Sarah Pinto's review)


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