The Place of Artists' Cinema is reviewed for Variant by Robert Porter

Maeve Connolly's seminal work on site, space and cinema architecture in film and video works by artists, The Place of Artists' Cinema, is reviewed by Robert Porter in the latest issue of Variant (Winter 2009).


Review extract:

Meave Connolly’s arguments in 'The Place of Artists’ Cinema' "force us to think of ‘artists’ cinema’ as a form or practice that raises interesting questions, for example, about the nature of ‘place’, about the ‘market’ or ‘post-Fordist capital’, about the notion of the ‘public space’, about the status and scope of ‘events’... Connolly’s passion, perhaps even advocacy, for the works she discusses comes through strongly and the reader is left with the distinct impression that while not simply a work of canonisation (a possibility or danger Connolly herself acknowledges early on in the text), this book is moved by a desire to praise rather than bury, and is therefore critical in an affirmative and productive sense." (Robert Porter – Variant)


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