Call For Papers: Directory of World Cinema: Africa

Edited by Blandine Stefanson, Visiting Research Fellow, The University of Adelaide, Australia; Guest Editor, Journal of African Cinemas

 African cinema is often contested as a reality or a concept: ‘Does it exist?’, ‘What is it about?’ ‘How do productions from Egypt to South Africa fit in under the African label?’ Yet African films are the focus of many festivals within Africa (Ouagadougou, Cairo, Carthage, Marrakech, Kigali, Goma, Bukavu, Bujumbura, Zanzibar, Durban) and abroad (Amiens, Nantes, Milano, Verona, Montreal, Brussels, Leuwen (Louvain), Namur, Amsterdam, London). The Directory of World Cinema: Africa will provide an insight into the cinema of many African countries through reviews of significant titles and case studies of leading directors, alongside explorations of the cultural and industrial motivations of key themes and genres.

 The volume will attempt to apprehend African reality in self-representation. Chapter headings will address the changing public sphere, Africans at work (including the rapport to money and the economic and political role of women), multiple aspects of migration (rural exodus, economic migration, refugees, diasporas), culture and religion, magic (belief in supernatural forces), representation of children, the use of music, the choice of languages, symbolic representation. The films from the different regions that are usually defined by their official languages (anglophone, francophone, lusophone) will be entered under the themes or genres subheadings in order to avoid the partition between the linguistic regions. New genres, such a TV films and series, African made documentaries, musicals, videos and independently produced films and other suggested items, are welcome.

Interested people can contribute film reviews (500 words or more) or longer introductory essays to a theme or genre. For general information, consult

To contribute to the African volume, please contact Blandine Stefanson.



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