Call For Papers: Journal of Screenwriting (1.2)

We invite researchers, educators and practitioners to contribute to Issue 1.2 of the Journal of Screenwriting, a new peer-reviewed journal set up to focus on this important aspect of moving image pre-production and conceptualisation.  Contributions are sought on the history, theory and practice of screenwriting and related topics, covering a wide range of practices from film and television to animation, new media and computer games.

The Journal of Screenwriting brings together research and reflection on pedagogy, professionalism and practice in an area which has been somewhat overlooked in academic discourse.  New work has conventionally been scattered throughout journals devoted to specific aspects of media theory or practice, and this is the first UK academic journal to bring together serious screenwriting-related work under one title.  The Journal is international in scope, and seeks wide-ranging work which is critical, rigorous and original in its contribution to this developing area of study.  We expect to include work which employs a diverse range of methodological approaches, including textual analysis, production analysis, practice as research and historical investigation.

Articles should be between 4000 and 7000 words in length.  Topics may include (but are not limited to):

•    Screenplay text analysis
•    Studies of individual practitioners, including screenwriters
•    Story and narrative analysis
•    Methodologies and theories appropriate for research and study in this field
•    Industrial structures, institutions and practices in relation to screenwriting
•    Gender and race issues
•    Genre studies
•    Comparative study between nations or regions, cultures and industries
•    Creativity and screen idea development
•    Conventions, norms and craft
•    Screen-reading and the reception of the screen idea
•    The history of screenwriting
•    Cognitivism, psychology and psychoanalysis in relation to screenwriting

We also welcome articles suggesting new approaches to the study of screenwriting, and articles presenting new approaches to the teaching of screenwriting.

Articles, to include a 200 word abstract, should be sent by Monday 15th March 2010 to the Principal Editor Jill Nelmes, and to the Co-Editor Barry Langford. Please contact either Jill or Barry regarding any queries about suitability of subject or other requirements.



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