Call For Papers: Directory of World Cinema: Turkey


Edited by Eylem Atakav, University of East Anglia, UK

The Directory will be published in both print and online formats, with the edited print volume for Turkey to be published in 2012 and every other year from then on. The Directory is currently seeking contributors for critical film reviews. For more information on this go to:

The Turkey volume will consist of 12-15 genre categories containing 12 critical reviews for each film within a chapter. Each genre is explored through an introductory essay which will also be written by contributors. The volume has space for critical discussions of Turkish filmmakers and there are also chapters devoted to exploring the important areas of Turkish film history, industry, stardom and audiences. In considering different genres in the context of cinema of Turkey, the volume will also examine issues around identity, gender and cultural memory whilst critically reflecting on the industrial, social, cultural and political contexts within which film texts are produced, exhibited and circulated. Periods often neglected (for instance the 1970s with sex films) and topics (for instance, queer cinema or the representation of gender in film) will be covered through examination of different generic forms.
If you are interested in contributing to this project please contact me to discuss your contribution by 1st April 2010. First drafts of essays and film reviews to be completed by the end of April 2011, with redrafting completed by August 2011 ready for a September 2011 manuscript submission deadline.  

Introductory genre essays (1000 words each) - Film Reviews within each genre/chapter (800 words each)

•    Action
•    Historical Drama
•    Melodramas/Women’s Films
•    Erotic Films (with particular focus on the 1970s)
•    Films about Migration and Exile
•    Fantastic and Sci-fi Films
•    Comedy
•    Nostalgia Films (particularly those on the effects of the 1980 military coup – there is an increasing number of films since 2000 on this theme)
•    Films on Istanbul
•    Arabesque Films
•    Musicals
•    Films with Children as Lead Characters
•    Prison Films
•    Documentary Films

Please direct all enquiries to the below e-mail address:
Eylem Atakav

Dr Eylem Atakav
Lecturer in Film and Television Studies
School of Film and Television Studies
University of East Anglia 

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