Intellect’s 2011 new journals portfolio

Committed to publishing cutting edge research in emerging scholarly disciplines and widening critical debate of established ones, Intellect has the pleasure to announce that it will be adding nine new titles to its 2011 portfolio.

Leading scholars across disciplines of films studies, media and cultural studies, performing arts and visual arts will be at the helm of new journals, providing platform and forums for publication of new research and contributing to new debates.
Intellect is proud to announce the following new titles:
Film studies
Cultural & media studies
Visual arts
All journals now accept contributions. For submission guidelines please contact the editor(s).
If you wish to be informed of launch dates or enquire about subscription for any of these journals, please send an email to


Film studies
ISSN 2042-7891
Editors Anders Marklund, Casper Tybjerg, Gunnar Iversen, Andrew Nestingen, Patrick Vonderau;
The journal aims to become an indispensable contributor to the growth of knowledge about Scandinavian film-making and to provide a stimulating platform for discussions on Scandinavian cinema and its cultural background.
ISSN 2042-7824
Editor Richard Raskin;
Designed to stimulate ongoing research on individual short films as a basis for a better understanding of the art form as a whole, the journal will be an essential resource for those interested in short film whether from an analytic perspective or in relation to creative practice.
Cultural & media studies
ISSN 1751-1917
Editor Ian Davies;
The CTL advances academic and professional understandings within a broad characterisation of education, focussing on a wide range of issues including identity, diversity, equality and social justice within social, moral, political and cultural contexts.
ISSN 2042-7913
Editors Paul Lynch, Alison McIntosh, Jennie Germann Molz, Editor Emeritius Conrad Lashley;
This unique publication will be the ‘meeting point’ for communities of scholars who use hospitality as a lens of analysis and/or focus of investigation. It aims to be a forum in which various disciplines interact so as to expand the frontiers of knowledge and contribute to the literature on hospitality.
ISSN 2043-0701
Editor Ailsa Cox;
The journal provides an international forum for all those writing, reading, translating or publishing the short story, in all its current diversity - including flash fiction, the novella, cycles, sequences, anthologies and single-author collections; hypertext, popular fiction (e.g. science fiction, horror), the prose poem, the non-fiction story and other hybrid genres.
Visual arts
ISSN 2043-068X
Editors Shaun Murray, Neil Spiller;
The journal addresses a growing need for a cross disciplinary approach to develop strategies and articulate complex problems that impact on the theory and practice of artists, designers, architects, engineers, earth scientists and ecologists.
ISSN 2042-7875
Editors Paul Wells, Jayne Pilling;
In recognition of a growing interest and prestige for animation among scholars and practitioners, the journal is dedicated to addressing the ideas and issues in the processs, practice and production of animated screenworks.
ISSN 2042-793X
Editor Mel Jordan;
The journal seeks to provide a critical examination of art's relationship to the ‘public’, 'publicness', 'making public' and 'publishing', as well as art's role within the history of Western democracy and art’s participation in opinion formation, free discussion and political action.
ISSN 2042-8022
Editor Anthony Harrild;
The aim of the journal is to publish articles and reviews on the latest developments in all aspects of book creation, design and making, including the latest developments in technology and software affecting illustration, design and book production.; innovations in distribution; questions regarding the use of books and their ICT and electronic analogues.


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