Call For Papers: Directory of World Cinema: Eastern Europe

Directory of World Cinema: Eastern Europe
Editor: Adam Bingham

The first volume on Eastern Europe will consider the multitude of new wave cinemas that have proliferated in the countries of East Central Europe: beginning in the post-war, post-Stalinist era in 1955 with the Polish school, and continuing through the ensuing three decades until the end of the Eastern bloc. The volume will consist of both critical essays (2,000 words) and individual film reviews (800 words), and is to be structured in sections as follows:
 - A series of critical essays on the salient genres of East European cinema in general, accompanied respectively by six representative reviews
 - Separate sections on the significant countries of East European new wave cinema. These will be sub-divided by essays on the major directors and reviews of key works.

War Film
-    Kanal [1957] – Poland: Andrzej Wajda
-    Lotna [1959] – Poland: Andrzej Wajda
-    Katyn [2006] – Poland: Andrzej Wajda
-    My Way Home [1964] – Hungary: Miklos Jancso
-    The Shop on Main Street [1965] – Czechoslovakia: Jan Kadar & Elmar Klos
-    Three [1965] – Yugoslavia: Aleksanda Petrovic

Historical/Period Film
-    Knights of the Teutonic Order [1960] – Poland: Aleksandr Ford
-    Maketa Lazarova [1967] – Czechoslovakia: Frantisek Vlacil
-    The Valley of the Bees [1967] – Czechoslovakia: Frantisek Vlacil
-    Mother Joan of the Angels [1961] - Czechoslovakia: Jerzy Kawalerowicz
-    The Red and the White [1967] – Hungary: Miklos Jancso
-    When Father was Away on Business [1985] – Yugoslavia/Serbia: Emir Kusturica

-    Closely Observed Trains [1966] – Czechoslovakia: Jiri Menzel
-    The Fireman’s Ball [1967] - Czechoslovakia: Milos Forman
-    Intimate Lighting [1965] - Czechoslovakia: Ivan Passer
-    Bad Luck [1960] – Poland: Andrzej Munk
-    Sweet Movie [1974] – Yugoslavia: Dusan Makavejev
-    Underground [1995] – Serbia: Emir Kusturica 
-    Knife in the Water [1962] – Poland: Roman Polanski
-    Walkover [1965] – Poland: Jerzy Skolimowski
-    The Ear [1970] – Czechoslovakia: Karel Kachyna 
-    Love [1971] – Hungary: Karoly Makk
-    Diary for my Children/Loves/My Father and My Mother [1982-90]: Hungary: Marta Meszaros
-    The Switchboard Operator [1967] – Yugoslavia: Dusan Makavejev

-    The Saragossa Manuscript [1965] – Poland: Wojciech Has
-    Valerie and Her Week of Wonders [1970] - Czechoslovakia: Jaromil Jires
-    The Third Part of the Night [1971] – Poland: Andrzej Zulawski
-    The Confrontation [1968] – Hungary: Miklos Jancso
-    WR: Mysteries of the Organism [1971] – Yugoslavia: Dusan Makavejev
-    The Millennial Bee [1983] – Yugoslavia/Serbia: Juraj Jakubisco
Social Satire/Realism
-    A Generation [1955] – Poland: Andrjez Wajda
-    The Party and the Guests [1966] – Czechoslovakia: Jan Nemec
-    When I am Dead and Gone [1967] – Yugoslavia: Zivojin Pavlovic
-    Camera Buff [1979] – Poland: Krzysztof Kieslowski
-    Family Nest [1979] – Hungary: Bela Tarr
-    Adoption [1975] – Hungary: Marta Meszaros

Art Cinema
-    Ashes and Diamonds [1958] – Poland: Andrzej Wajda
-    No End [1984] – Poland: Krzysztof Kieslowski
-    Daisies [1966] – Czechoslovakia: Vera Chytilova
-    Father [1966] – Hungary: Istvan Szabo
-    Innocence Unprotected [1968] – Yugoslavia: Dusan Makaveyev
-    Damnation [1987] – Hungary: Bela Tarr

Director Essays & Film Reviews
Andrzej Wajda  
Man of Iron, Man of Marble                                                                                    
Krzysztof Kieslowski
Blind Chance, Dekalog 1-5, Dekalog 6-10         
Andrjez Munk  
Eroica, The Passenger
Krzysztof Zanussi
The Structure of Crystal, The Year of the Quiet Sun,

Miklos Jancso                      
The Round Up, Red Psalm 
Istvan Szabo 
25 Fireman’s Street, Love film                         
Bela Tarr
Prefab People, The Outsider

Milos Forman 
Peter and Pavla, Loves of a Blonde
Jiri Menzel                                                
Larks on a String, Capricious Summer  
Jan Nemec
Diamonds of the Night, Pearls of the Deep (segment)              
Jan Svankmajer 
The Coffin House, Down to the Cellar

Dusan Makavejev
Man is not a Bird, The Switchboard Operator
Aleksandar Petrovic
Days, It Rains in My Village
Emir Kusturica
Do you Remember Dolly Bell? Time of the Gypsies

If you are interested in contributing to this project please contact the editor to discuss a proposal. The deadline for first draft essays and reviews is May 31st, with a July 15th deadline for revised and finalised contributions.

Adam Bingham

Visit the website to:
-    Learn more about this project
-    Comment on any reviews
-    Post your own reviews/director profiles
-    Offer to edit a volume of the directory

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